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Staying Power

Posted by Rick · October 1st, 2004 · No Comments

Two interesting things about this hilarious article.

  1. It succinctly says what’s wrong with the “staying the course” idea that Republicans are pushing.
  2. It impliedly demonstrates the folly of trying to silence those of us who explain that what’s being done isn’t “the proper way” to deal with the kinds of problems, even if the correct problems had been identified.

Ol’ Folksy George keeps coming back to wreak more havoc and promising to fix things up “tomorrow” if we just give him a little more money and keep our mouths shut.

In the face of that, we need more people — not less — squawking and saying, “I don’t think your way, George, is the right way to do things.”

‘Course, sumpin’ like that happenin’ would be too much like democracy.

And we can’t have that! Not in America, anyway.

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