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Not Stupid

Posted by Rick · November 1st, 2004 · No Comments

No one has ever called Osama bin Forgotten stupid. And as much as we dislike him and his policies, Bush isn’t stupid, either. That’s shown by the fact that he’s made sure that, until now, Osama had bin Forgotten.

Bush — and his family — have proven time and again that they don’t care how they get power in our country, so long as they get it. This has been true at least since the generations of Bushes that dealt directly with the Nazis to profit from World War II. It’s been true through succeeding generations that dealt with and protected the Saudis — whence nearly all the terrorists who crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center emanated. It was true for the current Bush whose brother no doubt helped secure the vote by blocking large numbers of Democrats from voting, who pocketed the illicit vote of the most conservative of the Supreme Court Justices who ensured that election, who maintains the support of the duck-hunting Supreme Court “Justice” who helped the Administration operate in silence, who gave false information to the United States and the World to get us into Iraq and who, no doubt, will add Diebold to his list of supporters to capture the current election, even if Democrats actually win. (How can you prove the voting machines either correctly count, or correctly report results, of the votes in this election? Diebold is owned by Republicans and they’ve contributed significantly to the Bush campaign while giving not a dime to Democrats — an oddity because corporations in America usually bet on both parties. Like those who play the other crap tables, they put some money on this number and some money on that number to ensure at least a partial win no matter which number comes up.)

And, being as neither of them (Bush or bin Forgotten) are stupid, and given bin Forgotten’s sense of timing in the past, it makes sense that he would pop up now with his message. He knows the majority of Americans are too stupid (e.g., they’re Republicans) to recognize that he is manipulating them into voting for Bush.

What? Huh?

Yep. He needs Bush and now, Bush needs him. If bin Forgotten is to continue to recruit terrorists in any significant way, he needs an enemy who can energize the hatred of the Muslim and Arab world. And nobody does that better than Bush — who also manages to energize the hatred of our allies enough that they won’t join in the war on terrorism, which makes Bush doubly good for bin Forgotten.

If his ploy works, history will remember the brilliant strategy of bin Forgotten in delivering the election to his mortal enemy, George W. Bush.

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