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Entries from October 2003

Uh, Don’t Call Us…

October 31st, 2003 · No Comments

…we’ll call you.

What a crappy way to spend the day.

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Scary Halloween

October 31st, 2003 · 2 Comments

Well, here it is, one of our favorite times of year — a time when we really get unspun! We love to get dressed up this time of year and usually go “all out” to plan, develop, create and build some decent costumes. For a look at some of those costumes click the link below […]

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This Blows Me Away

October 30th, 2003 · No Comments

Warning (I’m quite serious): If you are offended by stories about sexual activities, do not click this link. I’ve no idea how long this page will be up, since it’s obviously a spoof not sanctioned by CNN. But when a friend sent me the link, I didn’t immediately realize it was not real. The jokester […]

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Free Food!

October 29th, 2003 · No Comments

Dropping into our mailbox today is the following note from Jean Chaffee. Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple. Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day […]

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Worship Now the Goddess Rick

October 28th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Uh, it’s kind of hard to believe — the result of another lovely test at Quizilla — but apparently I’m a Goddess. You are Form 1, Goddess: The Creator. “And The Goddess planted the acorn of life.She cried a single tear and shed a single drop of blood upon the earth where she buried it.From […]

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The President’s New Clothes

October 28th, 2003 · 3 Comments

“The best way to get the news,” says President Bush, “is from objective sources. And the most objective sources I have are people on my staff.”

To this horrifying statement one can only agree with Paul Krugman, writing in “A Willful Ignorance”: “Two words: emperor, clothes.”

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Tags: The Man Who Would Be President

Ride ‘Em, Texas Cowboy?

October 27th, 2003 · No Comments

You no longer have to wonder who’s really running Washington.

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The Confession of Justice

October 26th, 2003 · No Comments

In the case of Dr. Butler it’s not going to be a simple decision of deciding whether a fraudster is telling the truth or whether the jury should believe the FBI. It’s going to — first — be a question of what actually happened; that is, what are the facts of this case. Only after that will there be a question of whether or not Dr. Butler is a scientist highly-respected and world-renowned in his field or whether he is a criminal, a “multiple fraudster.”

But more importantly, it’s going to be a question of whether the United States of America follows the rule of law or the rule of force when it comes to the investigation of its citizens for their alleged crimes.

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October 26th, 2003 · No Comments

This is the sort of thing that happens when populations begin to enlarge and people are no longer able to see their interconnections.

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Tags: The Decline of America

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Cloning Eudora Welty

October 25th, 2003 · No Comments

Fluff entry. Years ago, a girlfriend was taking a writing class. I always wanted to write myself, but wasted away my time on philosophy courses instead. Apparently, one thing writers are sometimes encouraged to do when first getting started is to imitate an already-famous writer. I think the idea is that it’s sort of like […]

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