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Entries from September 2003

A Child Shall Lead Them

September 30th, 2003 · 8 Comments

When you see a picture like this and read the words that go along with it, you realize what a masterful manipulator the President is.

I mean, seriously, how many times do we watch the cute little first- or second-grader encountering the real world and yet we never cease to be inwardly pleased at the picture it creates? How can we doubt the sincerity of such a child? And if the child is misguided, or lying, or wrong, how can we refuse to forgive when we see that sweet little pouty face?

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Why Garlic and Onions Are Good for You

September 30th, 2003 · 1 Comment

I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. Let me see…full-time job as Director of IT for a large company…law student…in addition to regular classes, reading law review articles and cases to get a handle on the personhood of corporations…mid-terms sneaking up—I feel it—so I’m cranking up the case-reading/briefing…recently began studying neurolinguistic […]

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Yes, But He Didn’t Have Sex With “That Woman” (or, “Whatever He Does, You’ll Never Know”)

September 30th, 2003 · 1 Comment

I’m no longer surprised at what the Bush administration will—and won’t—do these days. Work to eliminate leaders of sovereign foreign countries because they represent an actual threat to the United States (via their non-existent weapons of mass destruction)? Or because they want the oil those leaders have? Work to eliminate civil liberties for Americans because […]

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Tags: The Decline of America

The Jury Is “Out”

September 29th, 2003 · 1 Comment

I wasn’t going to post anything today because I haven’t been feeling good. But Bob posts a link to this story in one of his comments on my blog. As the defense attorney, William Rapoport, noted: They are being held hostage. They said several times we’re done and we can’t do this anymore. It seems […]

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TechStop™ for Sale?

September 26th, 2003 · 3 Comments

Well, after almost ten years, I’ve finally decided that I might go ahead and sell TechStop™.

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Another Reason for NOT Treating Corporations as Persons

September 26th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Things like this happen because in the late 19th century (not that long ago, actually) we allowed corporations to argue that they—the corporations—were people, entitled to all the same rights as real people. This was a major change from centuries of belief that anything resembling a corporation was an artificial entity created by governments of […]

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September 25th, 2003 · 1 Comment

I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed reading “empty words” as much as this. I wish I could write like that.

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Programmable Candidate

September 25th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Well, it seemed funny at 1 a.m., after reading 100 pages of Basic Tax Law…

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Not Gone With the Wind

September 24th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Today’s air quality forecast for Fresno, Kings and Tulare counties and parts of Kern County is for unhealthy air to continue, meaning students can expect to be kept under shade trees at recess and after-school sports practices could be canceled or delayed.

Frequently people in this neck of the woods are heard hoping for a good stiff wind to blow the pollution away. But this air, thick with pollution, is not going to be gone with the wind. It is the wind.

I?m tired of arguing with people who have more of a stake in the future of this planet than I do.

Sometimes I just feel like saying, ?Frankly, my dear, I don?t give a damn.?

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Those Damn Liberal Prosecutors

September 23rd, 2003 · 5 Comments

Well, okay, I know how strange it sounds to talk about ?those damn liberal prosecutors.? You wouldn?t really think prosecutors are the most liberal-minded people in the world?unless you happen to be John Ashcroft.

The New York Times notes that Ashcroft?who has tried to create a McCarthyesque atmosphere for judges who he thinks are too lenient?is now going after prosecutors?those crazed, leftist, lenient crime-mongers.

What Americans need to understand is the real economic and societal costs of keeping millions (yes, millions) of Americans in prison. This post explores some of those costs.

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