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August 31st, 2003 · No Comments

…who needs ’em anyway?

What does left-wing really mean? What about right-wing? Conservative? Liberal? These labels have become blurred and confused in recent years, and sometimes it’s hard to know what your kneejerk reaction should be when you hear a pundit speak. To help clear the confusion, the Lemon is proud to present…

How to Tell a Democrat from a Republican

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August 31st, 2003 · 3 Comments

The reason the Ten Commandments display was removed from the Alabama courthouse is that pesky Establishment Clause laid down by our Founding Fathers. As I noted before, they were a religious bunch. Yet they insisted on the idea that government has no place funding religious activities.

Religious folk who talk about the government’s misguided attempts to kill off religion are themselves misguided. The law allows displays of religious monuments under certain conditions. Judge Moore knew of those conditions and was given an opportunity to meet them. He refused.

To read more about what this means, click the link below.

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Racist Politics

August 29th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Peter Sean, Esq. writes today about an article he found on Cruz Bustamante, M.E.Ch.A and racist politics.

At a time when the press is trying to paint an ugly, racist picture of the Schwarzenegger campaign, it’s inexcusable that Bustamante should get a free ride just because he’s a Democrat.

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Fickle Freedom’s Fiscal Fists

August 29th, 2003 · No Comments

It’s not (yet) a popular view, but something needs to be done about our nations economy. And one “something” which needs to be done is that we need to stop going to war with and occupying every other country out there that Halliburton and Bechtel want. The benefits to these two companies are enormous in terms of all the contracts they’re receiving, but the costs to the American public—and to our future as a free nation—are just too high.

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Next Stop: Saudi Arabia?

August 28th, 2003 · No Comments

What’s wrong with this picture?

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Language Contact & Historical Linguistics

August 26th, 2003 · No Comments

Well, yesterday I posted a fictional story (or was it?) about how I became the Intergalactic Minister of Arts & Culture after being abducted by space aliens with very, very strange names. Today, I’ve re-worked “Language Contact & Historical Linguistics,” a paper I originally wrote in 1998. As I noted yesterday, I’ve seen these two […]

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Guido Cagnacci: Or How I Became Intergalactic Minister of Art & Culture

August 25th, 2003 · No Comments

I noticed several errors in the log files for my website. Obviously, I write a lot. Years ago, I wrote several pieces that I posted on the Internet which, much to my surprise, have made it into actual courses or been referenced in other writings. One of these, oddly enough, was a fiction treatment I […]

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Thou Shalt Not Revolt

August 24th, 2003 · 22 Comments

Somehow my original excerpt to let you know something of this article was lost. So I’m resending this note. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Ten Commandments Judge has decided that he will not accept the ruling of the Federal Court which ordered the removal of the idol to his god which he planted on government property using government funds while insisting that this government belongs to his god and we must acknowledge that god.

He refuses even though all other justices of his own court have overruled him.

He has decided that he will not honor the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, which refused to take the case on appeal.

But without the Rule of Law, true freedom is impossible.

It is this freedom which the government endorses and keeps alive when it takes a neutral position—neither including monuments supporting nor making laws disallowing—the religious beliefs of any particular group.

And this Rule of Law is what has christians gnashing their teeth and swearing they will not obey the Constitution of the United States of America nor any of its agents.

For more on this, including quotes from the Founding Fathers on the separation of Church and State, click the link below.

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The End of Democracy, or Its Culmination?

August 20th, 2003 · No Comments

A change is brewing in the way politics works in the United States. I’m going to make my case for saying that here, but I want to start by pointing out that I don’t think the fault is all on the side of the Republicans.

They just happen to be pretty successful with it so far.

Lying, cheating and stealing, so far as I can tell, have always been a big part of the political process. More recently, however, it has risen to such a level that it’s not just an art form, it’s an entire art movement—like the Renaissance, only in reverse.

It’s like watching 30-60 seconds of the World Wrestling Foundation, only nastier, uglier and you know it’s not fake.

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The “Right” Religion

August 20th, 2003 · 2 Comments

It’s always interesting for me to see the intersection between what I think and what the “right” thinkers say. (And, for the record, although I engage in a little word-play in explicating the differences betwixt Peter Sean Bradley and myself, I have—at least so far—nothing but respect for him, although I recognize there are huge […]

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